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about us

Before you “bug out ” help is here.. we know treating head lice is one of the most frustrating experiences most parents can endure. Our salon is here to provide you of that service and help educate you along the way. Trained and certified under the Shepherd Institute we practice the strand by strand nit removal method to insure complete elimination. It is important to know only complete removal of  lice and nits will end the infestation. Harsh chemical treatments are not only toxic but ineffective. Our salon uses only all natural non toxic products that are 100% affective. Our family owned operation is a cheerful and child friendly atmosphere.  Treatments can take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Your children will have movies and books to help entertain them. We can treat your whole family or you can just come in for a single person head check. Let us provide you and your family with a stress free experience. Before you know it you will be free and clear and back to your routine in no time!

Why come to Bugg Heads?

We use only the safest non toxic products on you and your children verses harsh over the counter or prescription medications. Lice have built up an immunity to these harsh treatments and they only kill the adult lice not the nits. We have had many clients come in frustrated because the lice keep coming back after trying to treat it at home. All of our technicians are trained in the Shepard Institute technique of strand by strand removal of lice and nits without the use of pesticides. This is the only sure way to get rid of lice.


what we do

We are certified head lice removal experts! All natural lice removal salon for adults and children.

Professional Service

There are many variations of lice, but we have the right tools to rid you free of the itch.

Head Check

We start by combing your hair to do a quick check. Your hair is grasped in faux ponytail or if short, we will work it in sections. We then pull the hair down in paper thin layers working towards the top of the head. We are examining the hair and scalp for any evidence of headlice. If there is evidence we will stop the check and proceed with a treatment. Without evidence we will comb the hair with our specialized lice removal combs and apply a detering product.

Removal Process

We first comb your hair free of tangles and protect your eyes. We start our comb out procedure starting at the nape of your neck working all the way to the top, Combing thoroughly until no more evidence is combed out. Then we section your hair and begin our process, removing any evidence of lice. After the last section is finished we remove all clips and blow dry the hair. Rechecking one last time on dry hair. After checking is complete we again protect your eyes and apply additional treatment product. A final comb-out and then your hair is tied back if possible or washed as normal.


We start off by combing your hair free of tangles then we comb with our specialized lice comb paying attention to the hot spots. We remove any lice, nits and or eggs if found. If we find any bugs we will apply additional product if necessary.

our team

We are a mother and daughter team serving Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster and Orange County, along with Newburgh and Westchester. Our goal, to rid your hair of lice!

Team Member

marissa malin


A mother of two and a hairstylist since 2002. During my career in the hair industry I have encountered numerous cases of head lice.

Team Member

betty healy


A married mother of two daughters and four granddaughters . I have worked in many areas of nursing...


Our Products are 100 percent all natural with no preservatives.

our qualifications

NYS licensed practical nurse 15 YEARS
NYS licensed cosmetologist 15 YEARS
natural non-toxic safe products 100%
certified under Shepherd Institute 100%
patience 100%
understanding 100%

our salon


The cost of a treatment is $115.00 for the first hour and $20.00 for each additional 15 min. Included in this price are 2 mandatory re checks at no additional charge. Free head checks for the entire family are also included. This is necessary so that the lice to not continue to spread from a family member that has not been checked.

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Please feel free to reach out. If you have questions and or concerns, we have answers.

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